Hello, I am Kaley Chiles

(kālē CHīles)

I decided to become a counselor when I was  17. Before that, I got a commission-based job selling cutlery. Once, a potential buyer told me that they really wanted thousands of dollars worth of knives, but they wanted to think about it. When I agreed with them, I knew I needed to quit my job because I, too, questioned whether their sacrifice was really worth the outcome. I began wondering what service or product I could feel good about offering.

Counseling is an investment in your health and quality of life;

NOTHING is more precious.

Personal growth doesn't depreciate in value nor can it be taken by a thief.

I have dedicated my career to helping others

invest in what's most meaningful to them.

I invite you to be one of those people.

It will require sacrifice AND it will be worth it.

About Me


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