Level III Co-parenting Class

Please be advised: The next iteration of this class will begin in September 2019, with intake interviews being conducted in August. Call today to get put on the list for this class.

This interactive class is offered due to a collaboration with the Front Range Collaborative Coparenting organization and is the only Level III class offered in Colorado Springs. Our co-parenting class is specially designed to help co-parents experiencing a high level of conflict. Classes last for 8 weeks, are attended by both co-parents, and facilitated by two leaders. Classes usually include 4 co-parent pairs, allowing participants to learn from the experiences of others having similar challenges in their co-parenting. Each member is prepared for participation in group by attending an individual intake with one of the facilitators and a joint intake with their co-parent and the two facilitators. At these intake sessions, you will have the opportunity to share your perceptions and concerns, complete several assessments regarding your current co-parenting strengths and weakesses, and learn what to expect from the class.


Throughout class facilitators prepare, challenge and support each co-parent in learning and applying significant changes in communication with their co-parent. A new, more business-like communication approach and system is learned that has helped many co-parents increase their ability to co-parent their children more effectively. Participants who successfully complete the class are provided with documentation for the court. Any co-parent pairs who continue to struggle after the class are given the opportunity to work with a facilitator to gain the skills necessary to more effectively communicate with their co-parent and obtain their certificate of successful completion.


Classes are structured to provide a safe, productive environment for all participants to learn new information about co-parenting and co-parent communication. Below you will find a list of topics that are covered in class as well as the communication tools that are learned and practiced weekly.


Topics/Curriculum Summary

  • Divorce Related Grief

  • Divorce Related Anger

  • Child Development

  • Parental Alienation

  • Defense Mechanisms

  • Personality

  • Boundaries

  • Attachment


Communication Component

  • Introductory Communication Skills

  • Non-Defensive Sharing of Information

  • Techniques for Consistent Communication

  • Problem Solving without Conflict

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Communicating for Long-term planning and decision-making


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