Parent Coordinator/ Decision Maker

PCDMs partner with parents who seek to limit the harmful effects of conflict or divorce on their child(ren) by:


  • Assisting the parties in creating an agreed-upon, structured guideline for implementation of the parenting plan;

  • Developing guidelines for communication between the parties and suggesting appropriate resources to assist the parties in learning appropriate communication skills;

  • Assisting the parties in realistically identifying the sources and causes of conflict between them, including but not limited to identifying each party’s contribution to the conflict, when appropriate; and

  • Assisting the parties in developing parenting strategies to minimize conflict.

  • Serving as mediator/arbitrator when parties are unable to settle conflicts or disputes related to the child(ren) and the parenting plan.

PCDMs are most often utilized by parents who are divorced, have created a parenting plan approved by the court, are continuing in high-conflict communication, and have been mandated by the court to employ a PCDM. However, these services are available to and may benefit parents at any point in the process of dissolving their relationship and seeking to minimize the negative impact on their minor child(ren).


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